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Your Guide to "Under Armour" How to fake a sexy, curvy, feminine body. t the legs (at mid thigh) off a pair of A good quality waist-cincher will panty-hose and put them on after the keep your stomach flat and give you butt enhancer. These will hold the hip a slim waist. Strapless varieties are also pads in place. available! spaghetti strap dressers or tank tops. Check old lady underwear stores or online and get a size smaller than you'd think Put this c first. $40-$50. Foam hip pads are available on eBay and you can also make your own by sewing together two shoulder pads (available at sewing stores). Place Butt Enhancer, also available in black, which these under the panty-hose at a I prefer. Available online a in the lingerie 45 degree angle going back. The top department of any large department store. of the pad should be at your belly button. $$6-10 online. GO size larger than you'd think. Why not? Put this on second. $10-$20. Luckily, it's not hard to have a beautiful body with amazing curves, but be forwarned, that this set up does makeit just a little tricky to go to the bathroom. But, then again, maybe that's why women always take so long. Yeah, that's a stupid joke, but this does work very well and isn't too hard or expensive.

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