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YOU How to achieve to File mend and Gende Cute /gd/ boy aesthetics Me Hid. Diet: The goal is to reduce the amount of testosterone in your body and in- The rest m boosts the System lowers blood pr create the amount of estrogen, not by a lot but just a bit to give you and works as a anti-hin noother skin, less body hair, less acne and a bett Licorice root helps the digestive system and the skin. Used in shampoo it keep this diet up if you want the effects to last! reduces oliness of the hair. Watch out with prescription mondicines as it can interact with some of Dienc AVOID; wice prony is 1 for miciole or us, Hygeine products Red meat for all meat if you are very serious about this) to treat craced solo and anal fissures, Use vitamin E creams, skin moisturizer and lavender Oury Green tee has been shown to lower Mood sugar and is argued to aid in soap. They are great for softer skin. Tea tree oil ls PEES weight loss. l awesome for luscious hair, Fried food mount of free testosterone in This has yet to be shown in Exercise: enter peppermint tea, The goal is to reduce body fat without gaining much muscle d without becoming a shireyfat weakling, Green vegetable Stock cohosh can hare sim far effects to estrogen in some people and helps • Soy products (lots) (Replace meat and dairy with these) in problems, houth since on Issues. •Alcohol (Wine of liquor) (drink rey Chaste rice berries affect women mort It affects hormones Basichr Low-fat foods that regulates the female reproductive cycle it does positively affects the Cardio « Good Peppermiet and spearmiet ten (minimum 2 cuts a dey) skin though, Weight training a Blad ¡Purera Mintica (herbal suppliment) Sew palmetto works as a estosterone inhititor thus p BoOYs responce tr You want to run 30 minutes at least every other day, But you Soy products encouage estrogen production probably can't do that right away without fucking yourself up. Alcohol decreases your testosterone, Fun Fact: So follow the "Couch to 5K" routine below, Spcarmint tea contains many hapAd anti androgens, Axpoxmint tea might contain these as well, but this has yet to be proven, Playing with your nipples will increas their sensitivity up to the al as any girt's nipples, Rut, pinch an them every in those days where it sans "Relax* you can go ahead and tell Purer Mirifica is a higly estrogenic herb, cited to be i day and you will notice results after two weeks. the schedule to fuck off and do a LOW IMPACT cardio workout or some light lifting for 30 minutes. Lewd Lod Arms These suppliments wit increase the amount of ejaculate. Get some dumbbells and keep your arm strength up. You dont want to be the guy with weak arins. besides, you/lil need Herbal suppliment A 1 rime da •Pygeutt 100mg, taken 2 times daily. (increases the amount bry the strength to fend off all those pr •Reishi (Lingah9 mushroom Licorice root a lot as well as pre-cum) Soy Lecithin. 1200mg, taken 1 time daily. (increses amount and PES White p a soy prodix reform the Smin/day dally butt workout routine whenever preen tes creases orgaum intensity and duration. you can. Spearmint tea will also encourage estrogen production) black cohosh Taste and testure After the 9 weeks of 30 minutes of running every other day Chaste tree berries use the "relax days for 45 minutes of cardio/iting. Keep to a -Saw palmette Red meat, dairy produce, and fish (these will give your semen a maximum of 1 hour of training a day, of you wit exhaust your 1ancid and salty taste, other meats wit do this as well but to a WEEN INDEX E I DOXES IN DOXES DOXOI5 DS73 1 DAY CU I DOVERI lesser extent) (S mini walk" Kelas!) (S inin walk) | Relax!) (5 min walk)) Ret%*] (ReLAX T alcohol, caffeine, recreational drugs and nicotine Smin/day HAR No PA vegetables from t cabbage MASower, I Boreconds per exercise 300 O NA SIte WAlN 3 INTAC colt or asparagus 1, Squate 2 Front lances 3, Side Lunges S min wall Relis S min well Relax! S min walk Relax Relax! heavy spices such as Garlic and onions /they're Big offenders 4 mass o ne min w walle when it comet to sperm taste, as they have a high sulfur con- R* DE oR walk Retest Relaxt -junk food/last food/fried foo mate Pool, PONS L min por A PINA min jOK min walk Consume Mott 5 min wall. (nalk Relax! 5 min walk Relax! S wan walk Relax! Relax! -Fruit (get plenty each day a sweeten your sperm tastel A •Pineapple, papaya cranberry, melons, mangos, apples gropes CONS Donkey kick 6. Mia bridce WINNO (all are good choices, these fruits are high in natural sugars and MATE PENA offset the bitter taste) sin tor Relish| (6 min jog. Relat! 5 cia walk Reluct S min walk -Penty of vegetables (which are generaly good for ? o wAlk min walk 10 HR jOg 6 HID K 5 min walk 0 WACK in /0g sperm taste) WYA -Parsley, wheatgrass, and celery (these are particularly recons.) 15 as ore o celax 15 m jog, mended for sweeter semen taste, because of their high chlorop- 5 most SAk min walk fry al content) I E Cinnamon. 5 EN DRA APPEAS 9. Frosty cute lifts min jog Relist 8 min jo Reler 16 min joe Relax! 17 min jog cularly recomme id for making semen taste sweeter) •Finally drink lots of water la good judge in how cleat your pee Is, don't get it crystal clear though because that mears, you are to a wo over hydrating) Ur mum joe Relax! 15 BED NE Relax: AV CAR NE Relax Relax? at 13 MS WAk 5 Ran Wack Disclaimer: note that this guide will t 20 min joe Relaxf 12 sals jog Relax! 34 mil jog Relax! | 25 min jog a twink, or a shota. it will merely help you to clear up acne, soften your shiny sake your shin less greasy, improve your scent, TALLER NOS and get you fit and healthy

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