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XBOX 360 ONLY ON XB0/. 300 XBOX LIVE IN 0. D. Stor VAR VAS BEGINNING. JALI YOUR BASE In AD 2101 War Was Beginning T Base JNOA ARE BELONG TO US SOMEONE SET UP US THE BOMB CATE: ALL YOUR BASE A0E DEL ONO 10. In A.D. 2101 War uses beginnina. Captain: What hacoen? CARTAIN: VIRT YOU BAY P 9 Mechank: Somebody set u0 us the bomb Doerator: We get signal Cactain: What / Corrator: Main screen turn on Captale: It's You Nt Cats: Hows are you gentlemen it Cats: Ra your base 4 MATURE Cats: You are on the uy to destruction 174 Captain: What you say fl Zig Zig Zig Zig Cats: You have no chance to survive make - Zig Zig Zig Zig buolag our time 44322:4751434 COIR CITENTE Cats: HA HA HR HR .... a 10 WARNING Game may cause seizures. Also may contain peanuts. STEAM* 23 Ren VALVE MOONONHERCHASE & TAKE TAKE OFF EVERY ZIG

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