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x-X-X STOP: 0x00000019 (0x00000000,0xC00] BAD_ POOL HEADER OxFFFFEFD4,0XC0000000) CPU ID: Genuine Intel 5.2.c incl: 1f SYSVER 0x£8808565 Base B26288#E 2 Name 0001000 31e d064 ntoskrnl.exe atapi.sys D11 88010€ 6868 31686632 - Name hal.dll 26000 31ed06bf ic78xx.sys 80006808 31ec6c74 SCSIPORT.SYS 0698888 Lec6c a Lecoc?d CLASS2 SYS 802cd000 31ed237c Floppy SYS :037,00 Disk. sys c90a000 Bleccar? C6a8888 leed®a? 31ec6cal NEPS c864000 31ed868b Fs Rec. SYS KSecDD. SYS c9c9888 31ec6c99 Caron Sis lec6c90 18042prt sys c9ca008 31ec6c78 Null. SYS Beep. Sys 0874888 Lec6c94 effa888 31ec6c62 kbaclass. sys c708000 Mga mil. sys $8618 DO THES892 - UID BOPORINES c890000 31ec6c6d uga.s 1 bc66 1262 Msts. Sys NDTS £c4b8888 31ec6co? Nofs. Sys efa4000 1¢9546: eb8c000 minaZKe?yEs c1888 Application Error C878888 c5b8898 Bluescreen has performed an illegal operation. Bluescreen must be closed. RUs BiK SecDD.SYS 471 dc toskrnl.exe B0147304 803 : OSken exe toskrnl.exe recovery options In the system control panel St het, cRashSEBlteSySteM start option.

Size: 58.8 KiB
MD5 Hash: 2d2539ea695b2f3ac20c2dd737b6de80