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Wi A CHANNELING The Ruined King Will soon meet The victims of his curse... m cl 24 10/572 21050 2 S 508 0 2/6/5 Yorick's Maiden & Ghouls All Proc Spell effects In this case: Black Cleaver, Scorch ARA Arcane Comat FIOR 000 17 Peter Att Arcane Comet Counter: 0 - 0 80) FOS Why Isolde! Why do you AnD ama Hide your face from me no sued Blade of The Rained one is on the way is on the wr al to be caretal pals 2 age (r bias) co tall bac Drape • Sprentgu Arcane Comet Counter: 2 Discoed Carreras 3.. . 1 Fatal Wa 2 0 3 MiTE Kampsycho has slain Jakocchi! He - Sperming in 497 city das vicar es 0157 A93 vision here Comet's Cooldown is reduced by second per hit All of Yorick's pets' AUTOS count as a spell hit That's why it activated 3 times in 10 seconds . 1 Natura It's Yorick's most underrated Keystone, Use it! 31 0) ES]

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