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USCSchool of Cinematic Arts Motion Picture Classifications Motion Picture AV MIN DE PIE T morvant. Examples, San (190 2) A 71 Do the C3011 19 Feature Da ca zoe portan Photoplay to preseat a varatire (horu) no ReC eN PO Dec o to star poet A Marion persons witk entanly see sawtire goes, ghetopapiae maor/age Rocky Horree Picture Shoe (1975) BEe COD VA NOMEN E APODAELAZATOM (1929)* Joint Movie Film A feature Sadirated to moralary aces and lacking comroie tharee A feetee emote or th **ALONE MINO) Drampar 4. Fearle And Vas timesalanconenTala Pack and 148 ,2011) Paris Raven (2005) Niel' fee its odetece. Esarples) • Amare atetate Solent (1972), The Cole of Peeregaaates (1949) Flick Cinerama Cinema Fetce free ontaining a seirblance of sadetance Steve wha o frenal testore A fain that eaten?y perc net Hid A Avneom (50151 les * PRE CROW AN FEES E o Sateen Caritas (1954) the Deles (1965) Art Pan THE OT Dat spende saveget (1957) DoctoRS 337 (19 TV) mnematographel Kinography A fin lesioine fratres an bossien. Phenyiay erating paraly a but the most broad sense, taro les entenly seE anale fr TAT, MOTHER RE Le Sarc Run Poite (19 The Dante Quartet (1987) Nothien(1963) as serve to Alre his work to the pusest forra.- photeplay insir Dick, Bernard F. Anatomy of Film Boston, Mass : Bedford/St. Martn's, c2003. DP/30. The Oral Hastory of Holywood Los Angeles, Cali.: "Mehnchola", Sep 2011 Sources: Cal no.: 791.43 DIC, Lorary@esplanade Fimmaker ty and Ed. 2000. eterview with Kinfer St Cal No. PART 791 Vettov, Daga Mia with a Movie Camera, Absolute Kino graptry, and Radio-Eye, 1928 at lintm, I. 1 of Resistance, p319

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