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Types of botlanes in my ranked games The wholesome synergy lane The unexpected carry The boosting duo pick champions after each others 7/2/2 700G Play very well, not a 11/1/6 ADC support is an enchanter adc is a hypercarry duo, will never be duo Only source of income is now CS does next to nothing does absolutely everything > 700G Is either mad or happy epitome of Retardation CS 366 (10.3) epitome of Diamond 1 Probably soulmates 12/2/4 Cuz the support stole all kills Cuz support stronk In with skill 73 / 0 / 8 Support with skill look how happy they are but don't know it In Is either mad or happy Unless it's Draven Cuz they think Cuz they stronk He will stay gall suila dal alas e adc is dumb anar ill datial Jaall dY Zhull yuiy plyall. still Amall ac all gal, cutati casts g,S c Both are a plague a of society (Seraphine): not my job to dodge hooks 1951 sumner imagine cant dodge for you The Abandoned Child and the 2nd Jungler Feet (probably y ranked game) craphine): vasage skilllshots (Seraphine): a you're talentled (Seraphine): you'll start climbing back from leon Mid lane: actually be borderline useful "Shall we dive the (Twitch); Imao Cass the 12th time?" (Twitch): ff15 "Imao yea" (Twitch): trash sup "Shall we dive the (Twitch): lol you spand wjoel laning phase behind Vayne the 12th time?" Bot lane (Twitch): fucking useless (Twitch): ff boosted sport main "Imao yea"

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