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Total Views: 65,582,505 x 75M1 D C (B A 50M 25M 04/22/07 04/21/09 04/21/11 Ratings: 390047 Comments: 466,897 Favorites: 260,709 Likes: 318743 Dislikes: 71304 Links Date Link Views A 09/ 2/09 First view from a mobile device 4,055,404 B 02/12/09 First referral from - 584,675 C 10/30/08 First featured video view 2,302,050 D 12/ 9/07 First referral from related video - RickRoll'D 682.271 Unavailable* First referral from YouTube search - chocolate rain 15,508,032 Unavailable* First embedded view 2,007,449 Unavailable* First referral from Google search - chocolate rain 718.024 Unavailable* First referral from YouTube search - tay zonday 594,535 *Exact date is not available. The count of views from this link only includes views Since 30 November 2007.

Size: 40.3 KiB
MD5 Hash: 68a00d0a4803655ac88b4b9009bc5adc