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tony-hawks-underground asked: Why do you get so mad over Kung pow penis trilllizard666 answered: I'm not mad about it itself as a phrase I'm mad at the harassment the bombarding of messages across any social media with this shit getting sent my own selfie in a mocking manner and people i know and like getting dragged into it plus, you know opening my inbox and seeing literal hundreds of kung pow penis messages alongside people making constant posts about me even though we have mutually blocked each other so that they gotta jump thru hoops to get to my posts and send their little sycophants links in their discords to do that to every goddamn to post i make oh and the charming messages threatening me and telling me to off myself you know who you all are and hope tumblr ip bans you little turds so you'd be forced to go outside you all seem to see my face when you close my eyes you make hate art about me i live rent free in your heads and it's creepy it's the exact same behavior an abusive stalker ex had

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