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Todd Howard: My youngest, I got him a Switch, and he really got into Zelda. And hadn't traditionally played those games, and was too young to play Skyrim when it came out. Then when Skyrim came out on Switch, I said, Well you've played a lot of Zelda, I think you might like Skyrim." And I want to do it the father, like 'Please, play this game, and see if you like it.' And the short story is: he got obsessed with it majestic-seagull Todd Howard sold Skyrim to his own son I'm shitpost-senpai Pssst... Hey son, You still got that allowance money saved up, champ? I have an idea of what you can get with it. Gee thanks Bethesdad! I love it! think i'll buy it for more than one platform allong with all the DLC!

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