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thehemoscrotum No, you pay administrative costs to run a non-profit organization. That money goes towards operational costs for Nationals, but it also pays for providing matching letters to the organizations members (letters = the greek name in merch form), upfront costs for philanthropy events (like buying to the dunk tank to raise money for Special Olympics), upfront costs towards community service events (paying for transportation, paying it forward to the other service organization), paying for any organization housing, an I replenishing ritual supplies. Anybody can be friends with anybody, regardless of affiliation. But to get invited to perform acts of service, join secret societies, and yes exclusive access to parties and to other social events, you pay money. But that money has a use, and all fraternities ban the of use of chapter funds for social events. Every dime goes to keeping the lights on or pre-funding philanthropy events. death2america NO BITCHES?

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