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The Will Smith Slap. & As Covered By 14 Different News Outlets /FOX NEWS Oscars Plagued By Rise In Black-On-Black Crime "HUFFPOSTI The Patriarchal Roots Of Slapping, Exposed CNN Mostly Peaceful Oscars Threatens To Distract From January 6 Commission OAN If They Hadn't Stolen The Election From Trump, This Never Would Have Happened ALON White Supremacy Has Gotten Out Of Hand Snopes FALSE: Will Did Not "Slap" Chris. Chris's Cheek Struck The Palm Of Will's Hand Vex Rethinking The Slap: Why Getting Slapped Is Actually A Good Thing DAILY Will Smith DESTROYS Chris Rock With This One WIRE Simple Gesture Teen Will Smith's Totally Hot Slap And How You Can Use It VOGUE On Your Genderqueer Partner In The Bedroom INFOWARS Illuminati Members Stage Fake Slap To Distract Us All From Implementation Of The New World Order VICE I Slapped Myself 100 Times And Smoked Crack To Better Understand The Black Experience In America THE /EW Hurrr Durrr hurrr duh duh durrrr... CHECK THIS OUT! Ed Will Smith Straight-Up PIMP SLAPS Woke Not the Bee Comedian Chris Rock Reminding Us All How The Last Jedi Truly Sucked Will Smith Is The Babylon Bee's Woman Of The Year

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