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Telenor DK 4G 12.47 67 %0 r/TrueOffMyChest A I'm just so done with the relationship but he is the only thing keeping me from living on the streets. I can't afford to pay for a house or bills but being with him is draining. The more I think about it The more out of love I am with him. He's annoying and his ADHD is too much for me to handle. We were supposed to be fuck buddies and everything was perfect when we were but then he fell for me and though I fell for him but don't. The sex has changed for the worse. It's not exciting or enjoyable. I'm often left unsatisfied and just annoyed at the end. I should have known it was a problem when I had to fake my orgasm even as fuck buddies. He's also not my type anymore. As I grow and change, I realize I was a big loveable bear but my boyfriend is a skinny short twig. While I love a man with a deep commanding tone, my boy yd's voice is high and can sometimes be very annoying. He's messy and lazy. We don't have good conversations. He's everything I don't want in a boyfriend. But he pays rent and I don't have anywhere else to go. My blood runs cold when he talks about marrying me. I'm not going to. Right now I'm just trying to get a good job and get my own house. Hopefully find a man who can actually please me and love me the way I've been CRAVING for 3 years. Add a comment

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