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SuperNerd0taku's Channel Subscribe Uploads Favorites EN M DE IE Uploada (10) Slowpoke combo completo WINNIE- GAVE ADO Pokemon Troll Version Playing as Red 10:00 slow3.m4v 98 400 0127 see all arrange Favorites (15) sloweye.m4v SuperNerd... 11 40 0:02 / 0:12 360p 7 0:18 Favorite Shara Playlisto slow1.m4v Flag Superterd... combo slowpoke part . Like SuperNordoraxu slow2 18000 oneserd.-Al 1151 /Low commenta, related videos, and more crange SuporNozdotan edit 3 - 02 cichannel LeNora Subscribers (2) MED ne : Links haze, including "aubecribe dan fekend". 0n cow mot Profile edit KADE Channel Views: 350 Friends (1) Total Upload Views: Age: 17 Joined: Asquat 05, 2010 Last Visit Date: day 00 Subscribora: edit 7 A po

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