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Sterling Stars @_SterlingStars Follow I've come to make announcment. Galeem is a bitch ass motherfucker. He pissed on my fucking soul. That's right he took out his beams of light nic The Hedgehog Sertes Dr. Eggman' ? 8:18 pm - 5 Jan 2019 1.513 Retweets 3,873 Likes , 27 0 1.5K C) 3.9K Sterling Stars @_SterlingStars • Jan 5 And he pissed on my fucking soul. And he said his beams of light were "This big" and I said thats disgusting so Im making a callout post on my Galeem youve got weak ass boss fights. Your health bar is the size of a fucking wallnut and heres what mine looks Q: 17 115 C 502 Sterling Stars @_SterlingStars • Jan 5 Like. Thats right baby. All spots covered. No glowing obvious weakness. It looks like to death machined and a ball. He fucked my universe so guess what Im gonna fuck the Smash Bros roster! Thats right this i what you get, MY SUPER LASER PISS!!!!!! Except Im not gonna piss on the , 2 17 107 C 462 Sterling Stars @_SterlingStars - Jan 5 Smash Bros roster, Im gonna go higher, Im going to piss on the moon!!!!!! How do you like that Tabu?! I pissed on the moon you IDIOT!! You have 23 hours before the piss droplets hit the fucking roster now get of my sight before l piss on you too!

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