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States can't regulate guns, but they can ban abortions why?…. in Politics by 1 11.6K 1.6K © 4h ,, A 2 3h Sounds like we need to make common sense abortion rights a constitutional amendment. 1- 3 2h Lol how? It takes 38 states to ratify an amendment. You have an easier time getting every man in the government to a lay out in a line suck each other's a dicks like a damn human centipede from coast to coast. 1h Which coast should we start on? T- 1h If the average man is 6 ft how many men dick to lip would need to line up to span the us 1h Coast to coast is about 3000 miles... 3000 miles * 5280 feet/mile * 1 dude/6 feet ~ 2.64 million dudes laying head to toe. Now you need a second 'layer' to achieve coupling…so about 5.28 million dudes. via Apollo

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