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ST DIAVOLO (#SMILE) @SAINTDIAVOLO To those sayin "Will Smith hitting Chris Rock is funny" i Ask U this ... replace Will with the word Airplanes and Chris with the Twin towers ... not laughing now are u 3:30 AM - Mar 28, 2022 Twitter for iPhone 49K Retweets 6,824 Quote Tweets 541.8K Likes 07 V 1 ST DIAVOLO (#SMILE) @SAINTDIAVOLO • Mar 28 Replying to @SAINTDIAVOLO this how #they sound talking about its assault - 16 03 442 C 14.6K 1 ST DIAVOLO (#SMILE) @SAINTDIAVOLO • Mar 28 Real Shit ... Jeffrey D Spencer @BigDaddy4702 Replying to @ScottFeinberg What Will Smith did to Chris Rock is the same as what Putin did to Ukraine. Putin felt threatened and disturbed. Will felt threatened and disturbed. We all love violence let's admit it. War is the same as hitting, it's hitting cities. I bet Putin loved it. I feel why Will did it 12:13 AM • 3/28/22 • Twitter for iPhone 3 Retweets 30 Quote Tweets 16 Likes L 1 , 132 07 940 C 12.6K 1

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