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Sorry you can't get a abortion in a state you don't live in OP. Reply 1 -19 9m That's not the message of this post at all 1Am Your side had over 40 years to secure abortion as a right by making it into a amendment y'all sat an wasted those 40 years. You have no right to bitch n moan now that the other team is gaining power CO over turn things. F 1 -3 1 Dumbest comment I've read all day, congratulations. First: I'm not on "a side". could not give less of a shit about politics. Second: You don't have to be on a specific side to understand the point of a post. That's just plain common sense. Third: Even if I was on a side, you're acting like it's my fault that an amendment wasn't added to the constitution, even though I'm not old enough to vote. Fourth: was not "bitching and moaning", I commented one sentence about what the message of the post was. F Don't care didn't read, the government had 49 to secure the thing you're bitching about so Imma point an laugh at y'alls screeching F 1 0 - don't care didn't read •• • Bro you CANNOT be serious, this is extremely embarrassing on your part

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