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So guys I've fucked up >be me >26 >broke af need cash >decide to rob gas station 41 KB JPG > drive up to the place and pull a knife on the employee »he whips out a pistol >fuck.wav >I try to run but he gets me in the knee > I fall bleeding can't stand up > he calls the cops says he needs an ambulance to for me > get taken to hospital had to amputate leg > shit > cops show up at my ward say that I'm going to prison in 2 weeks > two weeks pass they come back and take me away > say I'm going to a special cell > ask them what they mean before I can finish they knock me unconscious and everything goes black > I wake up in a room made of stone it's wet and cold > I'm wearing some cloth rags > I realise what has happened but it's too late > the elder scrolls IV oblivion > Todd you sneaky cunt

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