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shittysawtraps Follow Hello, Todd, looks like you're awake. You have built yourself a reputation of disappointing your fans and frustrating your employees with an outdated engine. Let's play a game; one I'm sure, you're quite familiar with. Before you is the source code for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Almost all of the bugs expertly ironed out by what loyal fans you have left. There are five bugs left in the game, representing the five different, near-identical versions of the game. Each bug contains a number in the code that is part of the combination used to unlock the chains binding your wrists. For each time the game crashes, a bar in the ceiling above your head will slide away revealing a crate filled with unsold copies of Skyrim: Legendary Edition for the Xbox 360. Once there is no longer any supports, the crate will come crashing down, and Skyrim will be "released" upon its final platform: your broken body.

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