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Ryan Broderick @broderick • Follow The Boys subreddit is chaos right now. Threads getting locked, users rage-deleting whole accounts. It's amazing. Right-wing users are whining about "no politics," but it's impossible to talk about the show without them now. Fans who thought Homelander was cool are in a meltdown. 1 00 , 115 BEST COMMENTS 0 Share BEST COMMENTS Important_Tailor8909 - 18h Jeez what happened here? • BackAlley Surgeon ©3 +1 • 8h Did OP delete his account or did the mods step in? The only thing the show tells you about him is that CO En Reply 1 175 g he killed an unarmed man. He gave a sarcastic apology speech. What exactly did you like about him? EranchTnactEnchinnar.19h WHO KNOW HOW u0 ten Jous Decause wey arent ... PA 6 Replv 4> 437 4 trustworthy (team players), puts his goons in those positions, refuses to hear criticism or bad news, and On a personal note: JFC, A Reddit Cares for this. becomes increasingly paranoid and unstable. The Sweetheart, this show obviously isn't for you. It's ok Boy's political satire is so good. but I really suggest you talk with someone. † 3695 g D 168 1 Share • . É CO En Reply 1 Vote 0 © BEST COMMENTS V TrefoilTang - 16h How is anyone reporting this? Under what rule is -TheManinTheChair MOD O) 0 +2 - 4h this getting reported? Billy ... CO 1 95 4:19 PM • Jun 18, 2022

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