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Rules SUPER, Everyone has their own predictions about who will be SMASH BRES in SSB4, SO let's make it a game! Choose: 5 Characters you think are Sure Bets to be in SSB4 BINGO 5 Characters you'd be Surprised if they aren"t in By 5 Characters you think are Probably in 5 Characters you think Might be in 4 Characters you think are Long Shots to be in Characters can only be: Ones that haven't been confirmed yet Video Game Characters (unless it's a Long Shot) When arranging the chart you can" have more than two characters from the same category in the same row/column/diagonal Be sure to mark which characters are in which category with SB, S, P, M, LS! Upload it to Tumblr, Facebook, etc with the tag By: #SSB4Bingo, update it as characters are revealed, and use your braging rights if you get more than your Date friends! Bonus or whomever gets the most right! Made:

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