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reddit SANderSFOrPResident comments other discussions (1) 7 show images 3283 Hillary Clinton is on wrong side of everything: Stop telling me have to vote for her because of the Supreme Court ( submitted 6 years by shzadh C - New Contributor | Georgia 794 comments share unsave hide give award report crosspost top 200 comments show 500 sorted by: top [-] viper_9876 € [-4] 444 points 6 years ago think we need to call a truce. There are two distinctive groups of people supporting Bernie, and we all know he needs everyone. One group is the more traditional Democrats that are more than willing to vote for Hillary if Bernie should not get the nomination. The other group see's Hillary as nothing more than establishment Republican lite. Goodman speaks to the latter group, so when you trash Goodman you trash group of Sanders supporters, a group that whomever gets the nomination for the Democrats is going to need in order to win. While I am part of that group I have done my personal best to refrain from bashing Hillary because it does no good. I would encourage everyone to remember that we are a big a tent and many of us will disagree on a number of issues, and despite that we need one another. permalink embed save report reply [-] case-o-nuts 226 points 6 years ago The other group see's Hillary as nothing more than establishment Republican lite. Even among those people - I don't see why they prefer republican-crazy over republican-lite. I am not a exactly a big fan of Hillary, but I would strongly prefer a world with her in charge over a world with, say, Trump or Carson in charge. permalink embed save parent report reply [-] the_ocalhoun [0] Washington - 255 points 6 years ago a You've got to remember, a lot of us Sanders supporters aren't Democrats. We have no party loyalty, and no obligation to vote for the candidate with a D next to her name. permalink embed save parent report reply [-] case-o-nuts € 59 points 6 years ago Even democrats have no obligation to vote. Assuming that we fail, and Sanders does not get the nomination: Who would you prefer in power over Hillary, why do you think they'll win, and what results do you expect will come from it? permalink embed save parent report reply [-] the_ocalhoun [0] Washington - 70 points 6 years ago simply refuse to vote for evil, including lesser evils. If Bernie doesn't get the nomination, I'll do what I've done for most of the previous elections: vote for a third party.

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