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r/ukraine Posted by u/drewsavirgin 3 hours ago 12,658 The Ghost of Kyiv is confirmed to be a Pansexual Transgender Woman Russian-Ukrainian War l 63 Comments c Share A Save (8 Hide J Report 98% Upvoted Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up Sort By: Best FourSlotTo4st3r 2 days ago The thought of a transgender Ace knocking out homophobic and transphobic Russian bigots from the sky absolutely warms my heart AMA 250 J Reply Share Report Save Follow drewsavirgin OP - 2 days ago As a transgender woman, I respect this comment Alf 92 0 @ Reply Share Report Save Follow Pilot0350 - 2 days ago Imagine Putin's face when he finds out a transgender pilot is killing his best pilots 10000000000l 62 1 C Reply Share Report Save Follow

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