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r/TwoXChromosomes 17h Join Let's talk about vampiring re• deny So you may have seen the highly upvoted post of a man proposing to his girlfriend as she crosses the finish line of her marathon. Most people seem to see it on the surface - happy couple getting engaged at a huge milestone moment. But whose moment is it really? She trained for months, ran 26 miles, feels like she's dying after completing a gargantuan physical feat and as she's finishing a race that pushes anyone to their limits, her to-be fiancé is LITERALLY kneeling on the finish line. He didn't run from the sidelines to surprise her as she walked off, he positioned himself as the end goal and reward for her efforts. She had to even run past him and turn him around to finish her race And they stayed hugging on the finish line long enough for the video to cut to show another racer's finish completely blocked by this guy's choices. The fucking audacity. don't know this couple; but the fact that he didn't let her have her victor moment is a HUGE red flaa

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