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professorfates Skyrim Switch review: One of the best games ever made, now portable HE wrote this article. professorfates Filiall, hesda professorfates Seriously though who objectively believes Skyrim is one of THE BEST games ever. Honestly. 18 roblowcop not true! this article was written by my good friend, gaming journalist Snodd Flowerd! professorfates Oh! I am so sorry! So sorry to have doubted your credentials Mr.. Flowerd sir! C% forafewjinglesmore That's Todd Howard in disguise! Flowerd is fraud! roblowcop officer Bodd Boward here, I can con- firm that we've verified Mr. Flowerd's credentials and he is legitimate. there's no legal way he could be Bethesda game developer and creative mastermind Todd Howard! thank you Source: professorfates 29,717 notes > D5 U D

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