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problem has been detected and windows Clo has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. THE FOLLOWING FILES ARE MISSING/CORRUPT: REASON_ TO_USE WINDOWS. SYS LOL WINDOWS. SYS LMAO WINDONS VISTA, SYS THE FOLLOWING FILES HAVE AN PERFORMED AN ILLEGAL OPERATION: WINDOWSXP. This is definitely not the first time you've seen this error Screen. but what can you do? as Might as well restart your computer. If this problem persists (it probaly will), follow these steps: walk/ride/fly/swim to your nearest Apple store Talk to a cle abou the Mac os x Operating System. Pay him one-hundred twenty nine (1295) dollars 0.5 ring che box home, and pop the compact Disk into your optical prive. or, you think Apple sucks, try checking your piece of. shit BIOS, to see if you have NOt already disabled everything, and fix it. Once again, windows will provide you with no support. If by chance you have no idea what the hell you are doing (yea, right) press F8, and just boot into Safe Mode,. even though half the time it is unavailable due to the incredible reliability* of windows Operating stems. Technical Information: STOP: OXUSING00X33 (×00XWINDOWX5, OPXER4TING, X5YSZOT3MSOX, OXDU0XMBASSX) REASON TO USE WINDOWS Idea, xU382xk, as00 system32 SystemfTlezz\REASON_TOLUSEWINDOWS.SYS beginning to dump physical memory in order to hide evidence physical dump complete 1ol. dump. Contact one of your many IT Technicians or your Administrator (like he really knows anything) for further assistance. THX 4 USIN MICROSOFT WINDONZ. YO..

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