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Posters Posteca 6/2/1/5 6/2/1/5 6/2/1/5 Rosters Rosters uto 6/2/1/5 wack_ you jog (96 KB. 479x527) L Anonymous 03/08/15(Toe)09.26.50 No.309172073 - 22309172024 22:202172422 I WANT YOU To preorder my game. Do it cow. Anonymous 09/08/15(Tue)09 30:18 No.309172 6/2/1/5 SIS NICE OR (161 KB. 1280v720) 6/2/1/5 22.02172073. (08) Hive you not Postera preordered yet? it just 6/2/1/5 WOrKS WANT YOU Anonymous 03/08/16(Tue)08.32. o 309172439 P Potters 2230012073102) 6/2/1/5 uncle todd I'm not sure about this, I need more persuasion Postere Anonymous 09/08/15(Tue)09.35:11 No.309172635 P 22202124002 asd2323:4 pg (40 KB, 1280 x720) 6/2/1/5 Hello there This is Todd Howard from Bethesda, we are launching a new ad campaign to promote our new game Fallout 4 on 4chan, we have head it's a popular image board and there's a macket there for us especially on Ad. So how about *7 Preorder Fallout 4 now While you stil can Anonymous 08.08/15(Tue)09.57.38 No.309174082 Posters Posters 6/2/1/5 6/2/1/5 22309172635 me. howard I'm not preordering Anonymous 09/08/15(Tue)10.00.03 No.309174256 6/2/1/5 6/2/1/5 what can't do in Fallout 4 again? toll me todd does it work?

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