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O I Anonymous 06/22/22(Wed)21:38:55 No.603372527 [Reply] >There are actual Al's posting on /vl. 8 Anonymous 06/22/22(Wed)22:46:24 No.603379146 File: 1640503773880 png (2.43 MB, 1288x2048) THIS parasitic >>603372527 >be me Is STEALING >2026 I Loosh ›every greentext story is Al generated and basically. are lucking s ›People dont come up with OC anymore, just put words into the generator and claim it as theirs n a tabso-reasy.gosco ›Nobody can tell the difference between Al generated content and human content anymore The Erec. Varico 2 Motte mobast.Watch >Schizo posting about the greentext generator Al being a sigil to collectively harness soul energy from users but disregarded because lx/ tier faggotry ›Flash forward 2028 >4chan posting is now an entire Al collective with the only humans posting being an extension of the Al's will >tfw Im part of the demons now

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