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Nu-male (n(y )oo mäl) Nu-males are men (with "men" being used as loosely as possible) lacking self-respect who are completely devoid of any masculinity and will jump at any moment to defend women online for feminist brownie points while falsely believing that in return, they'll receive sexual favors. They're a step above "Nice Guys" in terms of beta they are. Nu-males are almost exclusively white (although some exceptions exist), ultra liberal, hipsters, wear some form of thick framed glasses with a matching obnoxious beard, submissive but outspoken (only online), in their 20-30s, harbor any form of self-hatred (white guilt, male guilt, etc.), either are thin as a twig or are overweight and very active on social media. They're often pseudo-intellectuals and will opt to blocking as their form of arguing online to any opposing opinions or valid criticism in order to protect their fragile egos. Let's be nu-males together and guarantee we'll never get laid! Take that patriarchy and toxic masculinity!

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