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MINER C, LA e Las ay!, ( Never will doubt the power of the DU an (1s * pond rom clan to class wearing an absce to me, live for the ranty that one will unders gives a strange quote. Constantly many ask you have every right tc do so. I soon grew upse Up until: year ago my wardrobe would no Never did desire to try hinting toward something di going the local theater, when l decided that for one To retrospect I believe that on that night, with the twiligh let me down. until a custodian in his innocence started to A 0001 you could only simply pass on by. a powerful conversation down came a lionhearted divinity to cheer me on. Never will I doubt the power of a reference, from icebreaking a going toward friends, I know that friendships will form harder, totzcue auche nat To those who look at all the lonely people a commor run to anyone, whether it be my kindred or around the world we all have come and high five them befor desert them You

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