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Mice Sa Lead View SOUrCe /en history Search Wipede 0 00 WIKIPEDIA Morbius (film) Morbus in a 2002 American eh Marvel. Dutributed by 3 1 as he 1 he LAVO produced by Columbia Pictures in Pot 0s R Martia Ver tunes * star J (354) Directed by Daniel Espinos LAC AN DE. MOVe MotHA • Mat 5 101a MORA. 38003 Harris, N ame to fruition. Aber announcing plane s Costal characters beginning with Venom (2014). Sony began devioping a fin 1 1 on Motia. Sacane and Sharpies Ned serines a sorge by Novence 2017, and Leto and Espinosa oficia?y joined in June 2018. Work on he flim began at the end of he year with further casting, ahead of production starting in London in Fecruary 2018. Filming was contemed to have been completed by June 2019, with reshoots happening in Los Angeles De slowing February. 004e gre red at he FRaza Carso in Mexico Cry on March 10. 2022. and was Restricely released in 1 • United States on AgAl 1, 2022. atte being delayed unval tines tom an intial 3//y 2099 cate primarily due 1s the COVIO-19 pandenic. The Sin neceved regive news ton ortics so citoied as writing. visual eticts, and excecialy as mid credits scenes, anough Sniel pertumance wa or $163 million againet a $75-83 million budget e1 / 728 A PAS GrOSSA A FORBIUS 24 tie poop Fee 2 Cane Noductor Perseport 110 Downised as POV 2. 33 Fining KAPWING o one projecto 3.4 Poit groove

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