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m01r4s should I start it? bc it's him trilllizard666 i reblogged this over at least a year ago why are you assholes digging through my posts to do this, especially when I'm not the fucking op? i check the notes cause it made it's way on my on dash again and then ts this shit why are you all fucking like this? what is actually wrong with you? theasianinfluence alright I'm tired of this shit so here's my hot steaming take: kung pow penis isn't funny and if y'all actually had a problem with this dude you'd just fucking block him but the thing is, y'all don't actually care about whatever's up with this guy or whatever he's doing because this iS all some fun little game to y'all. You don't care if he's "problematic", you just like to jump on any excuse to make a trendy new meme or some shit. Y all think it's some kind of scavenger hunt to find anything this guy has ever said and put your fucking random XD' caption with it as some kind of 'gotcha' tag on it. Shut the fuck up. I'm so goddamn tired of seeing reblog chains spelling out this stupid catchphrase whenever his name shows up. It's usually not even on a controversial post. Just fucking block him if you've got a problem with him. Blacklist his name. Whatever you've gotta do. Just shut the fuck up

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