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Lilith Lovett: Grand Duchess of Salt @LilithLovett • Jun 25 Idea: In just half a decade, Anime traps and dickgirls have done more for the normalization, popularization of feminine boys & transwomen within the Western zeitgeist than Social Justice have accomplished since its inception. - 438 17 822 C 3.2K 0 : Lilith Lovett: Grand Duchess of Salt @LilithLovett • Jun 26 The angry activists in the replies assuming that I'm cis is incredibly flattering. V 43 17 47 C 703 0 Replying to @LilithLovett The worst part about this tweet is that you actually believe it, even though the anime InCels that jerk off to tI"traps"™ are the same kind of people who would beat trans women to death if they ever left their rooms, and don't see women of any kind as people to begin with. 10:57 pm 25 Jun 18 36 Retweets 479 Likes

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