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lapse has been detected in government funding and the federal government has been shut down to prevent further problems to the administration NO_COMPROMISE IN OBAMACARE BUDGET If this is the first time you've encountered this problem, go to google to search for more info. If this problem appears again, follow these steps: Go to petition sites such as care? or change.or to compose a petition in order to persuade the congressmen to stop being stubborn and find way to reach : compromise on this problem. If this problem continue, go to Google to search for your local congressman's phone number and call them to express your opinion the government shutdown. Persuade them to stop acting Tike kid, and they still behave like that, tell them : "'Then you will not get my vote in next spoiled congressional election". Technical information: * v STOP: OXOBAMACARE COXFEDERAL SHUTDOWN, 0XCONGRESS, 0XSUSPENSION, OXFURLOUGHED) Beginning shutdown of federal government Shutdown complete. Google: "Effects of government shutdown" for more information.

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