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Joe Biden @JoeBiden United States government official Roe V. Wade is the law of the land, and we must fight any and all attempts to overturn it. As president, will codify Roe into law and ensure this choice remains between a woman and her doctor. PRE.G NAD A DiSy POURIN 24%, A WOMA WOE KEEP MATUrE ONE PLAC ABORTIUN AM A:o IS IN YOUR SAFE AND ROSECUTINGE) COO-CHOICER FACE ORTION REJECT LEGAL AND artion IDE MARI festion sc.on m L'M A 457 WH I STUDENTSFORLIFE.ORG /OMAN EMNIS •OOF AN MOATS LIKE AM THE MIA P COINS TONG PRO-LIFE GENERATION GEN Supreme Court agrees to review Louisiana's abortion law that could limit women's access

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