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I'VE COME TO MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT [Meme] I've come to make an announcement; Pope Nicolaus is a bitch ass motherfucker, he excommunicated my fucking character. Thats right, he took his Pope pointy hat out and he excommunicated my fucking character, and he said his moral authority was "This big" and I said that's disgusting, so I'm making a callout post on my twitter dot com, Pope Nicolaus, you've got a small demesne, it's the size of this island except WAY smaller, and guess what? Here's what my authority looks like: *appoints antipope* THAT'S RIGHT, BABY. ALL VIRTUES, NO SINS, NO VICES. Look at that, he looks like the perfect Pope. He excommunicated my character so guess what? I'm gonna conquer the Papacy. THAT'S RIGHT THIS IS WHAT YOU GET, MY DECLARATION OF WAR! Except I'm not gonna conquer the Papacy. I'm gonna go higher. I'M CONQUERING GERMANIA! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, BYZANTIUM? I FORMED THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE YOU IDIOT! YOU HAVE 23 HOURS BEFORE THE LEVIES HIT YOUR FUCKING BORDERS, NOW GET OUT OF MY SIGHT BEFORE I CONQUER YOU TOO.

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