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I've come to make an announcement: bruce wayne a bitch- ass motherfucker, he pissed on my fucking wife! That's right, he took his bat-fuckin' quilly dick out and he pissed on my fucking wife, and he said his bat dick was "this big," and I said "that's disgusting," so I'm making a callout post on my bruce wayne, you've got a small dick, It's the size of the Atom except WAY smaller. And guess what? Here's what my dong looks like! That's right, baby, tall points, no quills, no pillows , look at that, it looks like two balls and a bong! He fucked my wife, so guess what, I'm gonna fuck the Earth! That's right, this is what you get: my SUPER SOLAR FLARE LASER PISS!! Except l'm not gonna piss on the Earth, I'm gonna go higher!! I'm pissing ON THE SUN!! How do you like that, Luther?! I PISSED ON THE SUN, YOU IDIOT!! You have twenty-three hours before the solar flare piss drrrrroplIllIllets hit the fucking Earth! Now get outta my fucking sight, before I solar flare piss on you too!

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