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How to achieve v1.4. no HRT edition Ex heADY, Do.1 Franchanet "trap-mode" aesthetics (aka how to become more androgynous because you want to fit in girly clothing like the faggot that you are) DIET EXERCISE Your goal is to reduce the amount of Your goal is to reduce your body fat without testosterone in your body, not by a lot, but just gaining muscle mass a bit. skinnyfat weakling. without becoming a AVOID Basically.. - Beef Cardio = GOOD - Pork Weight Training = BADDDD • Large game Red meats increase your testosterone. You want to run 30min at least every other day. But you can't start doing that right away EAT MORE without fucking yourself up so follow the • Green veggies "Couch 5K" routine pictured. Soy products (lots) • Alcohol In those days where It says "relax" you can - low-fat foods go ahead and tell the schedule to fuck off and Semen 500 to 1000 mg/day do a low impact cardio workout* or some light - Purera Mirifica (herbal supplement) lifting for 30min. Soy products encourage estrogen production. Alcohol decreases your testosterone. ARMS Semen contains androgens, which are Get some dumbbells and keep your ‹ metabolized into estrogen in the body. strength up, you don't want to be the guy with weak arms. btw, if you wanna keep your estrogen, you'll Purera Mirifica is a highly estrogenic herb, LEGS need to keep up this diet, otherwise, your cited to be more potent than estrogen itself. Perform the pictured 5min/day daily butt body will just start making testosterone worko at routine whenever you Nobody again. Ores, its revere Rie, lie muscle gaine) OPTIONAL (warning: broscience) wants a trap with no ass. Same is true for actual transexuals, fun fact. After the 9 weeks, 30 minutes of running ETC rip: run an ice cube over your legs after Drink water from BPA plastic containers. They every other day. On the days off you do shaving for legs that are smooth de glasst leach xenoestrogens, which simulates estrogen in the body. 45min of cardio*/lifting. Use Vitamin E creams, skin moisturizer and Use lots of anti-bacterial sanitizer, make sure it *Tortofve OvDs are pretty oved fee this sert er ening, get eem from lavender soap, they're great for softer skin. contains Triciosan, as it has estrogenic Inepiratebay or sometino Tea tree oil is awesome for luscious hair. properties. CROSS- DRESSING 5 mins day Couch to 5K FEELS 50 GOOD! 30 sec per excersise 1. squat Week Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 | Day 5 Day 6 Day 2. front lunges 3. side lunges 5 min walk Relax! min walk | Relax! 5 min walk Relax! Relax! 2 min jog min jog 3 min jos deadlift - donkey kick L&R 5 min walk min walk 5 min walk 6. hip bridge 5 min walk Relax! min walk Relax! 5 min walk Relax! Relax! 7. leg extensions 3 j08 min jog S jog 8, flutter kicks 5 min walk min walk min walk 9. froggy glute lifts 5 min walk Relax! 4 min jog Relax! 5 min walk Relax! Relax! 6 min jog min walk min jog Dally Batt Workost 5 min walk min 109 5 min walk dalywwkestopeseen min walk 5 min walk Relax! min walk Relax! 5 min walk Relax! Relax! min jog min jog 9 min jog 5 min walk min walk 5 min walk 5 min walk Relax! 6 min jog Relax! 5 min walk Relax! 5 min walk 9 min jog min walk 10 min jog 11 min jog 5 min walk min jog 5 min walk min walk min walk 5 min walk Relax! 13 min jog Relax! 15 min j0g Relax! Relax! 11 min jog min walk 5 min walk 5 min walk 15 mi jog Relax! 8 min jo Relax! 16 min jog Relax! 17 min jog 5 min walk min walk S win walls min walk IT'S min jog ALRIGHT - min walk WHEN I'M 8 17 min jog Relax! 18 min jog Relax! 20 min jog Relax! Relax! 5 min walk min walk 5 min walk WEARING A ..l'MA SKIRT... 9 20 min jog Relax! 12 min jog Relax! 24 min jog Relax! 25 min jog min walk GIRL! 12 mm jog

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