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Germans not amused LONDON: (AFP) British tour. signs now sot in concrete, "Every American seems (o ists have Jeft tho residents of police chief Kommandant care only about The Sound of one charming Austrian village Schmidtberger is on the look Music (the 1965 film shot effing and blinding by con• out.. stantly stcaling the signs for around Salzburg). their oddly named village. "We will not etand for the The occasional Japanese Fucking signs being re• While British visitors are moved," the officer said wants to see Hitler's birth• place in Braunau. finding it hilarious, the real- "It may de very amusing "But for the British, it's all dents of Fucking are failing for you British, but Pucking about Fucking " to see the funny side. Is simply Fucking to us. What Guesthouse manager Au- Only ono kind of criminal is this big Fucking joke? it is gustina Lindlbauer described ever stalks the sloopy 39. puerilo." the village's breathtaking house village near Salzburg Local tourist guide Andreas lakes, forests and vistas. OD the German border Rehmueller said J1 was only "Yet still there is this ob• checky British tourists armed the British that a had a fixation session with Fucking." she with a sense of humour and a with Fucking. said. screwdriver. But the local authorities "The Germans all want (0 "Just this morning I had $20 the Mozart house in Salz- to tell an English lady who are hitting back and with the burg," he explained, stopped by that there were no Fucking postcards."

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