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General Trap/Shemale Anonymous 06/19/16(Sun)16:37:12 No.8758767 ≥>8758780 ->8758783 >>8758786 >>8759112 >>8759117 >>8759175 >>8759563 >>8759660 >>8760211 >>8760472 >8760762 >>8760934 >>8760968 >>8762365 >>8762474 >>8765130 >>8766125 >>8766690 >>8770551 >8773277 The concept of trap S not a sexual preference, it is the real sexuality, starting with the first masturbation of a man. teenager imagines the body of a woman while bashing his bishop. Meanwhile, he watches the physical changes (ejaculation, erection etc) of his genital organ. In his mind, the woman object and sexual intercourse is correlated with the changes seen in genital organ and this image is saved in memory. The guilt of masturbation repress this image and it is hidden in subconscious. Every man is his trap himself. Being a 'Traphophilic' is our first and the only reall sexuality. also a general Trap/Shemale thread

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