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Gaffney High School CONDUCT REFERRAL FORM SinceNT TimE 3:3 g HoNEsooM_1/3.0. TEACHER D. WalKins DATE t/stol NATI.NE ON PRORLEM: Discuptie.. behavise. 4. All your kase belangs class,. Corsautly yelling. ignore my request tt Recommendation u E when asked to or finalien... would. 3 days of ent of antes Suspensier. INTERVENTION TAKIN PRIOR TO REFERRALE ACTION HE ADMINISTRATOR: V. Conference with studient Conference with student M hone call to parents M. Phone call to parents letter to parente V Letter to parents y Guidance confer Conference with parents requested S Extention Referred to guidante Other Detention Consents, fis Z. OsS teLL 4 Other Administratir TEAS

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