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fr.png 1.33 MB PNG STEE >Big yikes! TF is that, Private Pyle? A jelly donut xir! »Deadass? Im shook! Xir yes xir! >Are you allowed to slay jelly donuts Private Pyle? Xir no Xir! >And why not? Because im a thicc bitch xir! > Because you are a hecking chonker, Private Pyle! Xir yes xir! »Private Pyle has been acting mad sus no cap fr, I have tried to help they/them, but I have failed ong. From now, whenever they/them fuck up, I will not punish they/them, I will punish all BET. of you, NO CAP. The way I see it, you owe me one jelly donut.

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MD5 Hash: 1c61440cfb6f9f6d7332c352438be6cd