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File: tfw australian enters thread. png (406 KB, 601x601) 0 Anonymous E 12/04/15(Fri)22:40:25 No.51675344 P 2>51675432 WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH AUSTRALIANS ON THIS BOARD PLEASE STOP WITH THE CONSTANT SHITPOSTING, I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE YOU GUYS ARE LITERALLY RUINING THIS WEBSITE Anonymous tell 12/04/15(Fri)22:41:26 No.51675378 Anonymous El E - 12/04/15(Fri)22:41:30 No.51675383 Anonymous C 12/04/15(Fri)22:43:12 No.51675428 Anonymous C3 12/04/15 (Fri)22:43:17 No.51675430 Anonymous C3 12/04/15(Fri)22:43:17 No.51675431 0 Anonymous E2 12/04/15(Fri)22:43:19 No.51675432 2251675577 2>51675587 2251675617 2>51675625 2>51675631 >>51675661 2>51675344 (OP) You know what? I'm fucking sick of this fucking attitude 4chan in general has against Australians. You know why we "shitpost"? Because the rest of you post such pretentious pseudo intellectual bullshit the only way worth responding to you is through trolling you dumbarses. Did you know Australia is 2nd in the HDI index? That's right, our nation full of people who half-arse literally every IS aspect of our work ethic is the 2nd best in the world, behind some fucking bjorns who struck oil. That's why we're arseholes. Because as stupid as we are. as drunk as we are, and as lacking in seriousness as we are we know we're richer, happier and more efficient than your shitty country. And we're not even trying.

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