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File: Snapchat-2079101352 jpg (1.41 MB. 2160x4055) Anonymous 03/21/21(Sun)09:03:03 No.60462916 2>60462985 260463042 >560463064 >260463067 >>60463088 2260463106 ≥60463130 ≥260463132 >>60463146 >>60463191 >>60463226 >>60463388 >>60463466 >>60464029 >60464163 2560464294 > 60464984 >60467363 >>60468625 I just had a girl over and once I took off my shirt, she quickly left. Wtf is there something wrong with my body? What was the context in which you took off your shirt? Were you two simply talking and you randomly took off your shirt? She probably thought you were about to rape her 2260463132 Anonymous 03/21/21 (Sun)09:20:46 No.60463132 P 2200463291 >>60462916 (OP) probably because you awkwardly took your shirt off mid conversation or you misread the situation, give more context -Ask her if she wants to watch a movie She says ok > Plug in hidmi into laptop ›Begin movie > She starts cuddling with me > Take off shirt >I say "it's time" > Takes her purse and leaves

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MD5 Hash: 47bbe9152f2ab3f9c2242c2abdc62271