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File: CE743FF4-FDBF-49CB-B843-2(...).png (106 KB, 300x300) O Anonymous 06/24/22(Fri)14:03:47 No.67313930 ≥>67313933 »Ate some takeout food last night because I had to wageslave until 10pm and didn't want to stay up waiting for meat to defrost so I can cook. »It was insanely Nares in anal great la aikey though in just coon some extra miles in the moming. >2.5 miles in, it hits, oh god no. Literally no shitter insight and SO far away from home. >Calm it down from a 7:45 pace to a 9:00 to try and keep the turtle in. >Make it a 1.5 miles from home, can't sustain running anymore have to walk. >My colon IS spasming, demanding I release the toxic waste. >Strip of restaurants but it's 7:00, none of them are open. >See an old man part in front of a closed restaurant and begin to walk towards it. Probably the owner Seconds away from shutting myself >beg him to let me use his restaurant bathroom >He lets me in >Take the biggest shit I ever have in a public toilet Absolute behemoth of a shit >Walk out in shame as the old man is just cleaning up his shop. _ Anonymous 06/24/22(Fri)14:04:39 No.67313933 ≥>67313930 (OP) yeah thats goyslop for you

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