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File: 55cfae5622c3923d1952a92a.jpg (26 KB, 615×347) L Anonymous 06/21/16(Tue)11:28:52 No. 342212773 >>342213524 >>342214450 >>34 ≥>342220720 ≥>342222474 >>342222556 ≥>342223051 ≥>342223075 ≥>342223658 ≥≥342223973 ≥ You weren't thinking about pirating Skyrim Remastered, were you anon? Anonymous 06/21/16(Tue)11:29:53 No.342212846 Anonymous 06/21/16(Tue)11:31:06 No.342212925 Anonymous 06/21/16(Tue)11:31:40 No.342212961 Anonymous 06/21/16(Tue)11:32:57 No. 342213046 Anonymous 06/21/16(Tue)11:33:37 No.342213090 Anonymous 06/21/16(Tue)11:34:03 No.342213115 Anonymous 06/21/16(Tue)11:34. 10 No.342213128 Anonymous 06/21/16(Tue)11:34:36 No.342213169 Anonymous 06/21/16(Tue)11:34:37 No.342213170 L Anonymous 06/21/16(Tue)11:35:17 No.342213217 File: no todd here.png (143 KB, 398x384) Of course not officer! Why would I pirate such a masterpiece of electronic entertainment? Everyone should pre-order it!

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