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File: 1389291703896.jpg-(15 KB, 400x225, gaston death eyes.jpg) Anonymous 01/09/14(Thu)20:21:43 UTC+2 No.526073128 You fuckers think YOUR lives suck? >Be me >Be 11, realise I am a fr > Fuck »Live in a backwards-ass tiny redneck Eurof lown, would get kicked out if anyone found out >Pull up this ridiculous macho-persona, get really into sports and hunting and shit >Turns out my hunting buddy is gay too ›Forbiddenlove.jpg >Be 25, tall and into sports, so bitches go after me left and right >Have to find an excuse to turn all of them down ›Find this nerdy freak bitch who hates me > Start hitting on her really badly, she obviously turns me down >my beard hates me, idgaf > Then the bitch suddenly isnt around anymore >Turns out she's gotten this crazy-ass abusive boyfriend who wont let her leave the house > The cops cant do shit, everyone looks at me like I'm supposed to do something about it > Gotta pull the macho face, get some friends, including my hunting buddy, and walk up to the boyfriend's house > The bitch pulls some stockholm syndrome loony shit about how we don't understand their love > The boyfriend is fucking insane > Things got heated and i end up stabbing the boyfriend, who shoves me off the building my life watches as I fall to my death > The love of > mfw nobody's still as slick as Gaston

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