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F Anonymous 08/03/08(Sun)23:48:41 No.79311476 File 1217621721.jpg- (3 KB, 125x84, meth1. jpt . Anonymous 08/03/08(Sun) 23.49.45 No. 79311622 File :1217821785 jpg-(3 KB, 125x112, meth2.jpg) [ Anonymous 08/03/08(Sun)23:50:08 No.79311660 stop Anonymous 08/03/08(Sun)23:48:41 File :1217821721 jpg-(3 KB. 125x84. F Anonymous 08/03/06(Sun) 23:50:32 No.79311711 File :1217821832 jpg-(4 KB, 125x78, meth3.jpg) Anonymous 03/03/03(Sun)23: 49:45 F Anonymous 08/03/08(Sun)23.51:41 No.79311853 File :1217821785 jpg: 3 KB. 125x112, >>79311711 take that you faggot Anonymous 08/03/08(Sun) 23.52:01 No.79311892 File 1217821921.ipg: (56 KB. 614x481, hetfield.jpg) 2>79311660 Anonymous 08/03/03 (Sun)23:50:08 thank you anon stop Anonymous 08/03/06(Sun)23:50.32 File 1217821832 jpg-(4 KB, 125x78, [ Anonymous 08/03/08(Sun) 23:53:04 No.79312027 >>79311892 Woo. c F Anonymous 08/03/08(Sun)23:53:06 No.79312038 >>79311892 FUCKING SHIT YOU FUCKER I FUCKING HATE YOU FOR THAT FUCK OFF AND FUCK YOU

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