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DX0AE9LAs png (105 . Ir9k/ Anonymous 06/22/22(Wed)22:27:43 No.69144354 [Reply] ›mom is trying to be a fashion designer and photographer ›asks if she can give me a makeover to test her skills >agree on condition she buys me big steak ›get my legs waxed and nails done ›she gives me skirt. pantyhose, big padded bra, sweater, women's suit jacket and jewelry ›does my hair and makeup ›poses me in angles that downplays my male proportions and takes photos can't believe how much I look like a woman in the pictures, and pretty >get upset and tell her to delete the pictures because it's too gay" ›she is both amused and disappointed but deletes the pics and then takes me to get a big steak ›nightly panic attacks and crying ever since because I wish I was the person in those pictures instead of the real me

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